Riesling, Round.... uh.. 3, 4, and 5?

Yea ok, so this past weekend we decided to destroy our livers. If I start spewing out bile, well.. enjoy? Not like I'm going to stop this tasting... it's much too fun.

oh wait... forgot to post one of our last tastings.. soooo... back in May, we had Round 3 - St. Urbans Hof VS Louis Guntrum. Not much to say... tho that might be due to this
tasting being done a while ago. Senility may be hitting me sooner than expected. Anyhoo. St. Urbans Hof won that round, and from what I can remember, Louis Guntrum had a more... generic taste and it was less sweet.

Round 4 - Muller Catoir VS Selbach Riesling (this was also done a while back)

Round 5 - Willi Haag VS Dr. Pauly
Speaking for myself, I found these two wines very similar. Though Zarkotic found Dr. Pauly to be better than Willi Haag. SO - we took his judgment on this and dubbed Dr. Pauly to be the winner of this round.

Round 6 - Deinhard Piesporter VS Carrick
Another riesling for the double losses. Carrick was just as horrible as the Penfolds. As for the Deinhard, we had previously tried a Deinhard Piesporter in Oceana, leading
us to put this wine into the tournament. However, I think the one we got for the tasting is different than the one from the restaurant... shitty

Round 7 - Trimbach VS Robert Weil
* We're still in the middle of this round - to be continued

Riesling...FTW (updated)

Fuck, I was about to update my previous post (Riesling FTW.. Part 1) buuuut... fuck it. We have made so many adjustments that it just makes more sense creating a new post. Besides, it'll be nice to have a history/record of all the shit we've done (or thought about doing). OK, so here is the updated list of Rieslings we have decided to use for our tourney... I mean tasting.

(12) Dr. Loosen Riesling 2007
(3) Dienhard Piesporter (Still need to find the right one that we tried in Oceana)
(13) Muller Catoir 2007 Riesling Kabinett
(14) Dr. Pauly Bergweiler Riesling Spatlese 2002
(9) St. Urbans hof
(1) Donnhoff Riesling Kabinett 2006
(5) Schloss Lieser Riesling Kabinett 2006
(8) Robert Weil Riesling Kabinett Trocken 2007
(15) Markus Molitor Kabinett
(10) Wittmann Trocken 2007
(16) Trimbach Riesling Alsace 2002 (France)
(11) Willi Haag Riesling Spatlese 2007
(6) Carrick Riesling Central Otago (New Zealand) 2006 *LL*
(4) Penfolds Riesling Bin 202 (Penfolds Bin 51 2006 <-- alternate *LL*)
(2) Selbach - Oster Riesling Spatlese 2005
(7) Louis Guntrum

Note: *LL* are the Rieslings we have tried and have disliked. I mean.. we disliked it enough to not even have it compete against the other losers... as masochistic as we might seem to be, yea.. no. As for the ones that have no date; well, tough shit for us coz we were too oblivious to note the 
year and any other information that might have been useful at that time. 

And I have managed to fuck up the text wrapping on this thing..  Thank you

Riesling, Round 2, Penfolds VS Schloss Lieser

So again, we went down our list and found that the next two bottles of Rieslings we had in stock was the Penfolds Riesling and the Schloss Lieser. BUT if you look at my previous post with the list of Riesling nominees, we found another Penfolds Riesling, different than the one originally listed. I suppose I should get the actual name of the one we tried instead of calling it "another Penfolds Riesling"... I'll get on that...

So, here it is:

Alright, so there it is. Penfolds lost against Schloss Lieser.. and it lost pretty badly too. Penfolds tasted worse than all other Riesling's I have tried... and surprisingly, worse than some of the other white wines I have tried. Hopefully we can find the original Penfolds we first had our eye on. If that one also sucks, then I suggest sticking to red wine when it comes to Penfolds.

Laurier Lounge

Before coming to Laurier Lounge, the last few times we went to eat, I kept on mentioning how I had a craving for Laurier Lounge. That's why we went there again. I had their Filet Mingnon burger, which is what I was craving. It did not dissapoint now, just like the first time I tried it. It is fucking spectacular. We had poutine to start, followed by the burgers. The waitress seemed baffled at how we can eat so much (even though it was me finishing most of the poutine!). For the wine we had, well, read below, it was Wolfberger something. One note, our orders were mixed up. Smiling Vandal got the burger with no onions, which was intended for me - we switched plates rather than asking them to take it back. Overall, the apetizer and main course = fucking delicious.

Now, onto the dessert. The last time we were here, neither one of us ordered dessert. I don't know WTF we were thinking. Their desserts are fucking spectacular. I had the crepes, but tried the creme brulee. They were both pretty orgasmic. After we finished them, the waitress, once again, seemed in awe. Not in enough awe to forget the bill though. Regardless, the desserts at Laurier Lounge are pretty much on-par for the best desserts in Calgary (that I've tried so far). I don't want to downplay the main dishes because those are amazing too. Basically, Laurier Lounge has it all: great meat, great wine, great desserts. Swallow like your life depended on it! 

Laurier Lounge... spit or swallow?

.... Zarkotic is obviously speaking from experience in regards to the 4 sluts.

This is actually the second time we went to Laurier Lounge. It looks like a house.. and probably was, way back when... but interesting setup nonetheless (aside from the 2" wide staircase). More so when you find out that the restaurant is known for their gourmet burgers and poutine.

I have tried the Cajun Chicken Hambourgeois (first visit) and the Filet Mignon Montreal Hambourgeois (second visit). Considering I'm having a hard time remembering what the Cajun Chicken Hambourgeois tasted like I don't think it's right to comment on it. Though I do remember that my overall experience at Laurier Lounge was fit to be swallowed (hence going there a second time).

Now, the second time there was wonderful, and I remember it vividly. The Filet Mignon Hambourgeois is one of the best burgers I have had. However, keep in mind that I rarely order burgers at a restaurant... or ever, for that matter. Poutine was good, though if it was drenched in gravy made from Smuggler's Inn, THAT would be heaven.

I ended my meal with a Baily's Creme Brulee with Cappuccino Gelato. I'm usually hesitant with ordering Creme Brulee at restaurants since I can make my own Creme Brulee. But seeing the BAILY'S addition, who could resist? And it was a very VERY wise choice.... now to try and make it at home.

Along with all this, we ordered a bottle of Wolfberger, Gewuztraminer and again.. yum. This is the second G wine that I was impressed with.

Swallow, swallow, swallow... good shit

Laurier Lounge
1111 7th st SW
Calgary AB
Rating: Swallow

Pulcinella: Italian style pizza in Calgary

So we went to a bunch of places, but I have not updated the blog. This is going to be the first of 4 or 5 new entries. As Smiling Vandal said below, we went to Pulcinella a few weeks ago. The place is pretty casual. They specialize in pizza. If you like cooler temperatures, ask for a table closer to the window. If you like to be warm during your dining experience, ask for a table at the back. We did not have reservations, so we got a window table and our area was significantly cooler than the back (closer to the kitchen, bathrooms). There's not much to say about this place, aside from "the pizzas are good." I think our 0 readers may like this place more than we do since we have been spoiled by Vogglio's locally, and real Italian pizza having went to Italy about half a year ago. Both of those sources provide us with better pizza, however that does not mean Pulcinella is bad. It just means there's better. Verdict: swallow. Oh, and there were 4 loud sluts sitting next to us, they swallow for money.

Riesling, Round 1, Dr. Loosen VS Markus Molitor

Not much to say about this. Markus Molitor had a bit of a weird taste for me. Dr. Loosen was just straight up good. I think I may prefer Riesling at a cooler temperature than Smiling Vandal. Our 0 readers should keep that in mind for future Riesling rounds, because at some point, undoubtedly, we will disagree on the better Riesling.

Pulcinella... Spit or Swallow

This post will probably be very short and sweet since we tried this restaurant... a few weeks ago, my memory is starting to elude me.

The interior of this restaurant surprised me. It was very contemporary; I was not expecting that. I've got to admit, I really liked the numerous jars of Nutella they had lined up along their kitchen bar table... thing. It's a disgracec that Zarkotic did not notice it, even with his "better than 20/20" vision and love for Nutella. Had I not been sitting in their lounge area, they would have been missing a few jars of those Nutella..

As for the food, we tried their Brushetta Misto which I found plain. It was not bad, but there was nothing special. I could probably go to the nearest grocery store and pick out a few tomatoes and a jar of fire roasted peppers and made the exact same thing. As for the pizza, we decided to get two different kinds (Diavola and... Speck? well, if it wasnt Speck, I'm sure Zarkotic will correct me) and split them. You can search for Pulcinella's menu to see what these pizza's contained. I'm too lazy to list out the ingredients. I was intrigued by the interesting use of ingredients; far from the norm of Canadian or North American pizza, which is a nice change. However, the homemade flat bread was bitter due to the dough being burnt. So as much as I'd like to die young, I would rather die from other means other than cancer; though i'm sure eating the burnt bottom of the pizza took a few years off my life.

So after trying Pulcinella, it has sprung up the idea of creating our own pizza sometime in the future with our own concoction of ingredients, also making our own pizza dough. (this will be fun. keep an eye on the front page headlines for two deaths or a huge house fire). Before that time comes, I'm still willing to swallow Pulcinella's pizza - but keep in mind that Pulcinella's only salvation being it's difference compared to those other pizza parlors where the delivery kid has a face that looks like the mirror image of the pizza being delivered.

1147 Kensington Crescent NW
Calgary AB
tel: 403-283-1166
Rating: Swallow

Riesling, Round 1, Dr. Loosen VS Markus Molitor

After probing two local wine stores, and to no prevail at finding a Kalinda Riesling, we decided to start the tasting with another pair of Rieslings that we had (Pair 3). The way we went about determining the procedure of the tasting was not very scientific. We chose to drink the Dr. Loosen first because it was colder. Our alcoholism got the best of us and we did not want to wait for both Rieslings to be chilled to the right temperature. Whether this caused us to be biased or not, who cares. That's why we have the loser's redemption.

I could go into an elaborate description of each wine and list specifically which aspect of the wine we liked and disliked, but I'll spare you and let Zarkotic describe it with his awesome vocab. I'll just give you the results... Drumroll please!

Tada. Dr. Loosen wins. Not that Markus Molitor was BAD, just compared to the Dr (fuck yea! The Doctor... motogp reference), it was not as great. So there you have it! Our tournament of intoxication is finally on it's way...

Note: Due to momentary numerical dyslexia, some of the numbers assigned to the wine are wrong.... I will get on to fixing that... sometime.. whenever. (fixed)

The Belvedere... Spit or Swallow? (Not PETA Approved)

It's hardly a binary rating system when you'd screw any chick you see... but I like that we're in agreement with this binary, spit or swallow rating system. No need to confuse our numerous number of readers.

OK, hmm, where to start... The Belvedere had a nice stench of snobbishness to it. By keeping the Belvedere sign the size of a bumper sticker and hiding the location deep in Stephen Ave, the Belvedere is obviously attempting to spread their name by word of mouth, but only within the social mass with class (the rich asses in our society). As Zarkotic has mentioned, their dress code is smart casual. I just take that to mean "better than casual". So in my point of view, Zarkotic is delusional. Anyways, I hate all this "business casual/ smart casual" bullshit when it comes to restaurants. As long as you don't look/smell like a hobo and have the $$$ to pay for the shit you're eating, who the hell cares whether you look casual, only slightly more pristine, or you look like you skinned a fucking penguin; you're eating the same shit. So for the cocks who snub me because I'm not in a frilly dress, they're only making it worse for themselves, because if I get that impression, I'll comfort myself with their tips. (.... if that sounds erotic to you, grow up)

I also found it entertaining when the waiter was trying to describe foie gras to someone sitting at a table near us. It's fatty duck/geese liver. Not some "extravagant combination of whatever-the-hell the waiter was trying to say". Get to the point and stop wasting my air, if the person wants to try fatty duck liver - great, if she doesn't - fine. Don't give her some flamboyant speech about everything OTHER than the actual content of the dish... Go back to being a used car salesman. Seriously.

Enough bitching, moving on to the food. We started off with a bottle of the "G wine". I've tried other Gewurztraminer wines, however, none had met my expectations - they all tasted like common table white wines. Interestingly enough though, Wolfberger ‘Steingrubler’ Grand Cru Gewurztraminer (Alsace 2003) tingled my taste buds. With 13% alcohol, there was only a subtle hint of it, the rest was just... sweet. But not overly sweet as you would find in some Rieslings or icewine. So now, my search continues to find other "G wines" like it (stfu, I'm no alchy, nor was there any blackmailing... unless you really want me to drown my sorrows with the Rieslings we have for our tasting, then I'll fully admit).

Onto the main entree. Zarkotic got it right, I like my meat rare. Just throw that cow on the grill until you hear the last faint "moo" and it's good to go. In due time, I will bring Zarkotic down to medium rare - the most any beef should be cooked (aside from burgers... for obvious reasons). Though I think this has already been accomplished because I swear that elk Zarkotic tried was cooked rare. Anyways, I had the Braised Alberta Bison Short Ribs. So this short rib, was cooked to perfection in terms of how short ribs should be cooked (meat sliding off the bone), however, the meat separate from the bone lost it's tenderness. Because this dish is similar to a Chinese dish I have tried, I was not ecstatic about it, nor am I disappointed. Dessert was... interesting. I have never appreciated the whole "complementing" thing until now. The flourless Cuban Chocolate-Hazelnut Torte on its own was bitter for me, but, pairing it with the Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream made it very good. So overall I'd still swallow, though maybe next time, I'll swallow some other dish.

The Belvedere

107-8th Ave SW

Calgary, AB

tel: 403-265-9595

Rating: Swallow

(Spacing decided to fuck up on me here, that's why the addy looks so weird)